Atlus has finally released a game many Persona 4 fans having been waiting for (including me). So was it worth the wait?


The story revolves around Kanami Mashita, the idol who worked with Rise and became popular after Rise took some time off from the idol business. Rise in P4DAN is now an idol once again and she has invited Yu and the gang to participate in an upcoming concert where Rise and Kanami and her idol group will perform. Long story short, a rumor comes up that users who visit the official site of the dance festival at midnight, they will see an eerie figure and will be sucked into a different world (huh sound familiar right?).

The story interestingly enough is cannon but it does not even compare to the story in Person 4 (golden). This isn’t to say that I did not enjoy the story, I actually thought the story was a bit cheesy but it did hold my interest.


Holy crap. The soundtrack in this game is damn good. If you thought the music in Persona 4 was good then you will fall in love with those tracks once again. Some songs that were okay in Persona 4 are phenomenal in P4DAN like the Snowflakes remix. Those who got the Disco Fever edition, like me, are lucky enough to get a two disc soundtrack.


For a rhythm game, I thought P4DAN did not have enough tracks, especially since there were a couple of repeated tracks with different remixes. Atlus offered DLC tracks but they were a bit pricey.

One thing I did not like about this game was that each track has a limited character selection. Basically, I wanted to use Yukiko in every track but its seems like allowing for each character to be usable in every track would have been a lot of work. This is because each character has a specific dance routine for the songs they come out in.

As mentioned, the DLC for this game was not bad. Atlus offered some free DLC for two weeks after the launch of P4DAN. I was kind of bummed that Marie was DLC and came bundled with a mediocre song for $4.99. Atlus even put Hatsune Miku but I did not like the Heaven Vocaloid Remix.

So What Do I Think?

This game is a must have for any Persona 4 fan. Those who enjoy rhythm games might enjoy this but this game mainly caters to Persona fans. I love this game so if you love Persona 4, get this game! Else, try out Persona 4 first then give this a try.