Nintendo’s Splatoon was announced during E3 2013 and while at first I was disappointed that Nintendo did not announce a Super Mario Sunshine sequel or remake, I became excited about this game after seeing the gameplay and interviews with the game’s developers.

During the showcasing of the gameplay, it was pretty intuitive how the game would work: you shoot ink and try to cover as much ground as possible while simultaneously avoid the opponent’s ink.

Upon getting Splatoon, I inserted it into my Wii U and next thing I knew, it was 5 am. I guess you can say, I had a good first playthrough.

The Campaign

When I popped in the game, I started the campaign and was not that impressed. The main point of the campaign is to make you familiar with the controls and the basic idea of the game: your ink good, enemy ink bad.

While there are a total of 27 missions, not every mission is unique. For example, some missions require you to battle Octolings while others introduce you to a new element of the world (e.g. sponge cubes) and require you to use that new knowledge to progress through a level.

The bosses of each world are not too difficult but the final boss is a completely different story. I probably just suck but I found the final boss a little frustrating (it took me about 6 tries to beat him). But I must say, frustrating does not mean I did not enjoy it in the end.


The music for this game is fantastic. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy the soundtrack. Granted it isn’t a huge soundtrack but each tune is catchy and creates an exciting mood, especially during online multiplayer battles.


I am not a big online multiplayer gamer but after trying out Splatoon at PAX East 2015, and trying the Global Testfire demo, I knew multiplayer was going to be the best part of the game.

And I was right.

On launch day, Splatoon offered only turf war which is a mode where your team has to cover more area in paint than the opposing team. The other mode, ranked battle, launched 3 days after the release date.

Splatoon is fairly noob friendly mainly because during each game of turf war, you can end up being the top player of the match or the worst. This isn’t to say that there is no skill required because there definitely is but sometimes you can have a really good match without feeling dominated like in other multiplayer games.

When I first played Splatoon’s multiplayer, I did okay but I began to improved as I leveled up. Leveling up gave me access to more gear and weapons which made a huge difference since new weapons allowed me to figure out my play style. The gear adds a fresh look to my Inkling and enhances some attributes like respawning faster, stealth jumps, and many more.

So What Do I Think?

Splatoon is a fantastic new IP from Nintendo. With the great multiplayer and constant DLC support from the developers, this game is worth every penny. Go buy it!