Hi! I am Arturo, an aspiring Front-end Web Developer. I graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in Computer Science and minored in Japanese studies.

Aside from coding, I enjoy watching Japanese anime and playing video games. If you want to see what anime I am watching, have seen, or plan to see, checkout MyAnimeList!

Web Development Background

During my time at Middlebury college, I began learning about web development from websites like Udacity, FreeCodeCamp, Codecadamy, The Odin Project, and other random sources.

One site I strongly recommend is Team Treehouse. Team Treehouse offers an array of awesome courses that range from Rails to Javascript to Design. Checkout my profile to see what cool things I have learned.

What does .elguey mean?

The dot before elguey is a reference to CSS since class names are selected by including a dot before the class name.

Guey is a Spanish word for ox but it can also mean fool or dude. Just to by clear, in this context elguey means “the dude”.

Also, I use elguey in all my gamer tags.